Sia — Dressed In Black lyrics

[Verse 1]
I had given up
I didn’t know who to trust
So I designed a shell
Kept me from heaven and hell
And I had hit a low
Was all I let myself know
Yeah I had locked my heart
I was imprisoned by dark

You found me dressed in black
Hiding way up at the back
Life had broken my heart into pieces
You took my hand in yours
You started breaking down my walls
And you covered my heart in kisses
I thought life passed me by
Missed my tears, ignored my cries
Life had broken my heart, my spirit
And then you crossed my path
You quelled my fears, you made me laugh
Then you covered my heart in kisses

[Verse 2]
I was down for the count
I was down I was out
And I had lost it all
Yes I was scared, I was torn
And I took to the night
I’d given in to the fight
And I slipped further down
I felt like I had drowned


I was hopeless and broken
You opened the door for me
Yeah I was hiding and you let the light in
And now I see
That you do for the wounded
What they couldn't seem to
You set them free
Like a butterfly kissing a child with an eye for the minor key


Oh oh oh oh oh..
Oh oh oh oh oh..

You covered my heart in kisses...
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