Sicko — Rehashed lyrics

Feel I should apologize
Is it pretentious in your eyes
To think you want to hear our band
Hope you care or even understand

And you can throw it out if there is no doubt
You've heard this song before
I'm not gonna care about it anymore

If there's nothing new
Can I copy you
Steal a song or two
Borrowed line here and there
They were never mine why should I care
And if it's all been done
Then we're on our way
With a bullet straight to number one
'cause we stole the hits
We may not be artists but at least we're not

Dumb old songs that we abused
Ignorance is such a lame excuse
But I didn't know what I'd got into
I was only 12 and it seemed like the thing to do

That's all it was
Nothing more than something fun to do
I'm sorry if you're disappointed in the truth
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