Sisqo — How Can I Love You 2Nite lyrics

Note: listen really closely to this song... You can hear the words being spoken underneath sisqo singing! Either by nokio or sisqo himself. Ya gotta listen real hard though!

I couldn't wait to get with you
'cause you really turn me on
I had to do ya babe
But I knew that you were wrong

Don't stop
Love is feelin good to me
And you can have it all
Come give it to me babe
'cause I know you like to ball

How can I love you tonight
When you know that I love somebody else
And I know that you're not mine
How can I love you tonight
Oh baby
I know you're not mine

Ooh yeah

All night
I want to give my love to you
Come on take it deep inside
Come baby let's ride
Ooh girl ya feel so tight

Don't c**
Baby please wait for me
Just think how wet we're gonna be
Let it rain on me
So sorry we can't be baby


Stand in front of me
(stand in front of me)
So I can see
Sexin you is on my mind
(oh baby)
Lovin me is on your mind
Why don't you
Give yourself to me
Give your give your
Mmm said I know I shouldn't say it 'cause
I know you're not mine

How can I love you tonight?
How can I love you?
No no
No no
Said you and me
Girl it's not the way it's supposed to be
But I can't help myself
'cause I don't want nobody else baby
How can I

Chorus (3x to fade)
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