Skandaali — Fake No More (Skit) lyrics

So you want music for nutn,'n think we don't deserve money,/
'cuz hiphop's about love 'n you can always burn a copy,/
lemme tell you, fuck yo lovin',this is work not a hobby,/
you say we robbin' people, support the artists 'fore they stop this,/
Start datin' men, the love you showin' us ain't payin' rent,/
you expect us to say in tents, 'n keep on wastin' pens,/
'n before they in shelves, every longplays in the net,/
no rap on charts means radios play Anastacia instead,/
OK fools, so you don't wanna support multinational labels,/
Great news!'cuz of yo fake moves you ain't make a debut,/
even if signed mcs stay true, you think they ain't cool,/
'cuz now they got their first in their life to make paper,/
You don't like indies neither 'cuz you know you ain't gonna be there,/
soon you're a punk in a wheelchair, for thinkin' music is freeware,/
The only money we gettin' is from gigs, plus a percentage,/
from sales, which is none, 'cuz ya kids don't respect shit,/
it's mad shit, still teens got burners but they tagless,/
they used to be hunted by badges, now they scan the net fo'tracklists,/
they act bitch 'n the fact is they're pants is saggin',/
most practise rappin' 'n can't have it, dat they lack the talent,/
so they all burn the album - for what reason you do it,/
you answer - cuz' it's wack - Hey, then don't listen to it,/
or maybe you bought the EP'n was real disappointed,/
just go to a record store to check this shit out, to avoid this,/
copyin' is stealin' 'n ya know how thieves are handled,/
we cut yo hands off, grab all of yo cash, thank you!/
'cuz half of this is passion 'n the other half''s financial,/
I've worked my ass off! Now gimme what's mine, asshole!/
as kids take turns on burners, artists work makin' burgers,/
'n rap only at home 'n ain't gettin' it any further,/
'cuz we need music bizz like distribution deals,/
'n I think we fuckin' deserve it if our music's ill!....
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