Skrewdriver — Back Whit A Bang lyrics

Back with a bang now!

Do you remember in summer back in 1978?
When they reckoned that the skinheads' days were numbered
And the papers dripped with liquid hate
Being patriotic's not the fashion so they say
To fly your country's flag's a crime
Society tried its best to kill you
But the spirit lives until the end of time

Back with a bang, now!
Back with the gang, now!
Back with a bang, now!
Back with gang, now! 2 - 3 - 4!

Reckoned every skinhead was a bad man
Enough to make an honest man be sick
And they filled the papers with this rubbish every day
Never missed a dirty little trick, what did I say...


instrumental break


And still today they keep on lying
Four years on and they still ain't learned
That the skinhead way of life is getting stronger every day
And we are never gonna turn

(chorus x2)
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