Skull & Bones — The Brotherhood Of Snake lyrics

Ea created homo sapiens to be suited for earth labor
But later changed his mind about using spiritual enslavement.
In the beginning the brotherhood was dedicated to dissemination
Of spiritual knowledge and attainment of spiritual freedom
It opposed to the enslavement of spiritual beings of mankind
It sought to liberate the human race from custodial
It included teachings of how to physical heal
For this the snake became venerated by the human race

Despite all good intentions
Ea and early brotherhood
Clearly Failed
To free human race
Ancient texts
From Mesopotamia and egypt
And the bible
Told us the snake was defeated
The serpent
In the garden of eden
Was overcome
Before complete it's mission
To give to
Adam and Eve
The fruit
Of the second tree

The brotherhood of Snake
Aimed to free mankind
But their aims were twisted
And now it's used to enslave
The brotherhood of Snake
They twist spiritual teatchings
And if you follow them
You will never be free...

Wich intent
Was free mankind
Was villanized
Was labeled
By horrible
Monarch of hell
Prince of liars
Evil incarnate
And said
That All bad
In earth
Was caused by him
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