Skyliners — Never Be The Same lyrics

All the things you say.
Can't get the time of day.
How they fall apart.
We will never be the same.

Was I to play the fool in this game that you made for me?
Was I to let you go and break me down again?

Today. I got the nerve to tell you.
These things I know.
Now. If I could only show you.
We were meant to fall apart.

Now you'll see the things that I never wanted to show you.
Could you ever realize this was never any good?

That was you and me.
Now it's plain to see.
That we're falling apart.
We will never be the same.

And everything you said. And everything it meant. And everything it never was to be.
And every time I tried. And every tear you cried will never do us any good.

We'll never be the same. Never be the same. This will never be the same.
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