Slightly Stoopid — I Would Do For You lyrics

I didn't mean to be so late
Just sat there tokin
Had a drink an smoke a couple of j's
Missed the bus and wound up walking
Thought I'd call to let you know
It was busy and I couldn't get through
I didn't mean to let you down
I know how much it hurts you
And I would do for you, all you let me do
And all you have to do is ask me to
And all you have to say
Is steal me away
And i'll come runnin back again
And i'll come runnin back again
I don't know what came over me
Must have slipped my mind
I try to make it up to you
You sleep the past behind
Promise that i'll do my best
Change my wicked ways
Don't believe the things you hear
Or listen to things they say
If something's wrong then let me me know
Swollow things inside
Your pretty eyes can mezmorize
Your sadness you can't hide
Try to give me one more chance
To set the record straight
Meet me here tomorrow night
Promise that I won't be late
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