Slipknot — Iowa lyrics

Relax it's over
You belong to me
I fill your mouth with dirt
Relax it's over
You can never leave
I take your second digit
With me
You are my first
I can barely breathe
I find you fascinating
You are my favourite
Lay you down to sleep
It's all that
I can do to stop
So blue so broken
Paper doll decays
I haven't left you yet
So cold subversive
Your eyes are full of bleach
I will go away again
You are mine
You will always be mine
I can tear you apart
I can recombine you
All I want is
To covet you all
You belong to me
I will kill you
To love you
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Songwriters: Jordison, Nathan Jonas / Taylor, Corey Todd / Jones, Craig Alan / Crahan, Michael Shawn / Fehn, Christopher Michael / Gray, Paul Dedrick / Root, James Donald / Thomson, Mickael Gordon / Wilson, Sidney George
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