Sloppy Meateaters — Wallpaper lyrics

Saw my friend the other day
What has come with his change
Is it real or just a phase 'cause I don't know this guy
I'll shutup and let it go

But why am I still doing this
Noone cares that I still care and
I guess I'll let it all fade away
Until we meet again one day

So long, I'm outta this world
Don't wanna belong, Suicide to another time
And to another world, leave behind the hate
Leave behind the fear, leave behind the stress
That I just cant' take, life is nothing but a series of simple tests
And you know it, I failed the test

The problem we're facing here
Is all 'cause of me
The problem we're facing here
Will never go away

On your way
20 years ago, he left and never came home
Am I feeling down?
On your way
If I knew the truth, will I wanna know
Are you feeling down?
On your way
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