Slovo — Frank & Harry lyrics

The Goal
I can make you whole
Change your scrimmage, image,
Everything about you plus give you soul
Come on with me,
Let's get heavy visionary, hit you,
Get you into a new you that'll fit you
True, everyone will see what you let them see
Who you want to be you can be, trust me
You want to look like a video chick from mtv?
An independent woman like Destiny
Or get stronger like that girl Britney
Or look good in your jeans like Hallie Berry
From suburban bland to Hollywood s***
New clothes technology forge a new identity
Girls lypo-suck tummy tuck improves luck
Small chest frustration - implantation
Boys - you're the viagra generation
Life is a sport, male domination
Be strong, love your ladies long long
It's all about manhood, don't get it wrong
I will show exactly what you need to buy
To make you a better, more complete, attractive person

A house, a car, guitar - there you are
Some shoes, tattoos, I'll help you choose

Some clothes, a nose, lips, hips, some bling
Baby let me see you shake your thing
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