Slutbox — October lyrics

Strobelights - lit her face - as she floats - across the row - angel lace -
Dirty knees - nylons torn - as I want her even more and more

(I can't believe what you've done to me)

I'm thinking back - on the times - that we spent - intertwined
Now you're gone - and I'm free - to retreat inside this misery

You are my October bride - another little girl has died
Leaving behind her dreams - it's never quite what it seems

(Everything is dying - everything is dying)
You are the nails in the coffin try to bury me
Digging inside me - deeper inside me - shreds of you are all I see

Touching her skin - the flashbacks - time to begin - the flashbacks
Burning again - these flashes - drowning the pain - insane
Life on a limb - depersonalize - now no one wants you but the flies
Its no surprise - I came back for you - wanting this when first I saw you

Surrounded by this - when first I saw you - what could I do - I had to taste you
Nothings the same - these bad decisions - leave me in the worst positions
Stoking the fires - midnight - sadism by candlelight
Without the madness I'd be lost - submission gained at any cost
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