Solé — I Don't Rap In Bumper Stickers lyrics

I've been doing this for too long to keep
Singing the same song
This is another one of those happy moments not made for anyone
I don't rap in bumper stickers, I'm witty with 40-liners
Every breath is a chorus, sing along if you're still breathing
I've got gods, I've got issues
Nowadays I've learned to not criticize
Ever seen my foot-in-mouth stance I'm a g walking
Broken token, something of little appreciation
To truly see where all of this aggression stems from
You gotta always play the nice guy and get shitted on
Everyday's a gavin convention with no one to see
Everyday they put up new doors and I don't want the keys
If I'm not getting black-balled I'm getting white-boyed
You can condescend me but you can't offend me
I'm sure i'll get all the secret codes
When showing love to sole becomes trendy
Poor me, I dig myself holes
Somebody marry me, I'm getting old
Somebody remind me why I continue to press on
I need a flamingo to put on my front lawn, I need a front lawn
I need to stop feeling sorry for myself
I need to stop repeating myself
Everything is fading slowly
No longer selling out, I'm buying in
Redefining my grin
Making new medicine and now I'm sick of it all
But I can't get enough. Hating females less
Accepting the fact I'm slowly dying
And can't make any songs that glitter
Or be happy in a roller skating rink
So fuck the revolution, it's all about starcraft
Palm-pilots, and meaning what you say
So if you don't understand it, I can't explain it
And if you don't understand it, I can't explain it
If you don't understand it, I can't explain it
Picture perfect, picture perfect picture-
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