Soldiers Of Jah Army — Brothers And Sisters lyrics

Intro: They said we'd come like water, but I know we
come like fire. InI are the soldiers, right now, speak
truth in every way. Live it up for no one but Jah.
v.1 Water pollution, no solution. I live on this
earth and I Mean, how long will people remain in this way,
so strange? I turn the page but the words never change
They cutting the trees that giving me life, and raise
up the animals to watch them die, the sky is giving off
acid rain again and again, it's the same,
Chorus But don't worry brothers, don't worry
sisters. Listen, little one, I mean that Jah protect us.
All of us, brothers and sisters. v.2 Bullets
chase and the soldier run. American't and Hussein
Saddam Gommorah catch a fire, you gonna get burned Jah
got them a seat in the valley of decision. Russia, America
and Asia Setting the stage for the 3rd World War. For
how far we've come, we have never come far if you end
my world in chemical war. Chorus (Breakdown) Pass
me the fire babylon burn dome Burn the wickedness with more
heat. (Bob)v.3 Pass me the fire babylon burn down
Pass me the flame so I can fling it all around. These
seven countries in the world keep on making all the
deals,little did they know he was loosing the 7 seals.
Look in your heart, you can see it manifest. I know
what make man great is the heart that's in his chest.
So choose the path of love пcause truth and rights could
neverrest, and don't worry Jah Jah children пcause
Selassie I protectyou
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