Sondre Lerche — Living Lounge lyrics

I don't think that this is what I looked for
I don't seem to care or cry no more
I cannot say I'm sorry
Just worried something is out of order

You say I should quit but what can I do
I just want to know where I have you
I've kept my eyes wide open
To know when you're out of luck and order

Say the roof is too low
Say you're sorry we got of at the wrong stop
Stay if you want to
I can't tell you what to do

I don't think that this is what we looked for
So you say I don't want you no more
That's just a thing you say
Today I'll sleep in this itchy gutter

Please let me explain what you don't see clear
This time try believing what you hear
Just don't tell me you're sorry
I'll worry if you can take the workload

Say that time goes to fast
As you're waiting for the climax to return
I cannot reach you
I've been trying all night long
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