Sonicflood — Holy One lyrics

Lord I stand in awe of you cause everything I know
Fails to compare to you and you alone
Taken by your majesty, I am overcome
By the power of what your hand has done (yeah)

I could never quite express,
The beauty of your holiness
You're the Holy One
I could never quite define,
The way you've changed this heart of mine
You're the Holy One,
You're the Holy One
You're the Holy One

There's no counting of the ways that you have been so true
You're faithful to the end,
You're faithful thru and thru
You are more than wonderful,
You are everything
You mean more than life,
More than life to me (yeah)

Chorus Bridge:
Holy, you're the Lord over all the earth
Let us see your glory
I will lift you up for you loved me first
For you are the holy,
Holy One,
Holy One,
Holy One...

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