Sparta — Cut Your Ribbon lyrics

Wake Up
Can You Hear Me?
You're so clever
Did you find me?
In the backroom
In your closet
In your suitcase
There's no running
I will find you
Like the glacier
In the seabed, leaving Canyons
In your cheekbones
Passing through you
In the shadows, scenes undo you

Cut Your Ribbon
As it follows you
Everything, Everything
How can you sleep at night?
As it falls apart
Anything, anything
How can you sleep at night?

Face it
Can you hear it?
Violation, You'll remember
It's all harmless
Incidential, disengaging
These thoughts break you
Concious, vicious
It has found you
Monovision, synapse fails you
Frequent syndrome
Stings and burns through
Monovision, dillutes you

Can you escape these motives [x3]

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