Spawn — Space Killer lyrics

See The Fire In The Skies
Devastate The Lands
Aliens Attack
The Human Warrior Chief Command
Infront Of The Diabolic Thread
For Human Side
Gory Monsters Are Jumping Around
Kill Human Life
They Are Hell's Kindred
Killer Machines From Space
Beginning (Of) The Breeding Of
An Alien Superior Race

Dissemination Of Religion
Of Disorder Has Started
Demon Has Send His Assistants
To The Blue Planet

Rotten Flesh In The Streets
Living Dead In Twilight
Aliens Attack
Monsters Invade
The Earth From Space

Hear The Calls From The Hellspawn
Welcome To Evil Beyond Imagination
Eyes See The Bestial Methods Of Killing
Bonecrushing Tearing
No Salvation
Civilization Won't Survive
The Humans Fight And Die
In Lost Battles
It's The Darkest Hour
When Humans Everything Lost
Doomsday Has Started

World Turns Into Ashes
Aliens Feed On Human Flesh

They Will Never Stop To Kill - Aliens
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