Spiderbait — Ol' Man Sam lyrics

Re Re Reow
Yee Hee

Johnny was a bad
Bad bad man
Baddest Man in all the land
That he was

And Ol' Man Sam

We're all here
Drinkin beer
Drinkin beer without a care
Drinkin beeeeeeer without a caaaaaare

I saw
Saw Johnny Cash
Saw Johnny Cash and he was smashed
Johnny Caaaasshh Johnny Caaash
He was smashed

Elvis was big and fat
Big and fat
So how bout that
Big and faaaaat
So how bout thaaaaat
How about that

Rock n' roll
Rock n' roll
Rock n' Rock n' Rock n' roll
Rock n' roll
Rock n' roll

Now it's time for us to go
Time to go
So don't be slow
Don't be slow
Time to gooooooo
Time to go
Rock n' roll
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