Spine Chilling Breeze — Losing My Insanity lyrics

Time slips through my grasp,
As I swim through it's serpent waves,
I moan in pain, I gasp,
As I walk deeper in it's caves,
A flight of bestial creatures,
Takes me to where no man lies,
My face losing it's features,
Twisting and turning from my cries.
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The maze which was my mind,
Now seems to violently unwind,
The pain it leaves behind,
Is all the pleasure that I'll find,
I fear the light of dawn,
Which finds me naked in it's eyes,
I feel I am a pawn,
Who's fooled by all your lies.

Broken in insolence,
I am blessed... By pain divine.
My sanity,
Coming in tidal waves,
My minds lost... Within it's tide.
Visions clear,
Within my mind I see,
I am trapped... Beneath it's weight.
Shadows fall,
And crumble into dust,
I foretell... The fate of mine.