Splinter — Positively Negative lyrics

Well I just don't understand it
Things just never go my way

My mum's only got one kid and she still forgot my

Well I just don't understand it

All my friends make so much cash

They're all kicking ass and I'm still collecting trash

I know the sun is out today, but it always seems to
Rain at my place

I know that luck won't come, I just slipped on a black
Cat and broke the mirror in the hallway

I know that I should wish you well, you won the
Lottery but that don't do shit for me

I know that that nothing's going my way, I'm
Positively negative and looking for a lucky break

Well I just can't understand it

My car's always getting smashed

But I'm scared to take the train cause I'm only gonna
Get bashed

Well I just can't comprehend it

Chicks just never look my way

The only chance to get into their pants is to start
Wearing lingerie

I'm positively negative

I'm positively negative
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