Split Enz — Never Ceases To Amaze Me lyrics

Let's go walking around the block
Well you never know who you might meet
Every neighbourhood has a spot
There's a likelihood of a treat
It's a non-stop action world
Never ceases to amaze me

Insect singing up in the tree
makes a mockery of my voice
Hippopotamus in the mud
nips my arrogance in the bud
A little goes a long way
It pays to sell yourself
Let's get into the swing of things
Discontinue the downward trend
Put an end to our ennui
Never ceases to amaze me

Happiness is a broken heart away,
but you get caught up
because it's worth the risk
Never cease to amaze me...

Just when everything's going great
Something happens to break the spell
The unpredictable finger of fate
Puts the turtle back in his shell
It's a rough and tumble world,
Never ceases to amaze me...

Up on the high trapeze the artist flies
With a sense of daring, on a natural high
Never ceases to amaze me...
Loneliness is a locked up heart away
So you make an effort, and ignore the risk
Never ceases to amaze me
Never ceases to engage me
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