Sponge Cola — Jillian lyrics

I can't explain this
It's hard to understand
I try but I'm lost
Mesmerized by her
That look will surely stay
She smiles at every face, even mine

But, why doesn't she see me in this empty room?
Does she think about you when you do, when you do?

I try to walk that same hill next to you
I try to be that missing part of you

I tremble as I wait
In these busy, city fields
I see a million stares at me

Anxiously looking
Finding the right time to see
If that sign you're looking for, will lead to me

But, don't you see what you're doing to me?
Can't you see that I've been dealt by this, dealt by you?

I guess I'll always do

I try to shut them
Blurring this picture from my head
But even in the dark, you are there

I try to love you even if you won'T!
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