Stacie Orrico — I've Got A Crush On You, Lord lyrics

I'm lost without You.
I've been waiting for You to show up.
But You never came 'round here.
Now I'm lost 'nd out of luck.
If no One lends a helping hand
to take me to another land...
If no One will show me love
then can I count on You to take me above?

Lord, I have a favor to ask of You.
Could You take me forever
to live a life filled with laughter
with You forever after?
I know I really ain't perfect.
Maybe You think it's not worth it.
Maybe You think I'm worthless.
Maybe I'll just have to wing it...
I can't help but live Your word...
...I think I've got a crush on You, Lord!

Not the kind of silly childish crush.
Not the kind that always make one blush.
Not the kind that give one a hot rush.
It's the kind that brings one's sin to a hush!
The most important thing in one's life.
Better than anything one likes!
It's found inside and me.
It's the love from Him and one's family!

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