Stacie Orrico — Someone Like You lyrics

"Someone Like You"
Written By: Genuine jjo

I never thought that...

Chorus -
Someone like you, could reach someone like me.
Someone like you, could bring my life a whole new meaning.
That Someone like you, would open up my heart.
Someone like you, could help me make a fresh new start.
Oh...Only Someone like you.

Verse 1 -
I was so lonely, I needed a friend.
But I was to hurt, to let you in.
But Then...
Somehow, something happened,
Something so new.
I walked over and started talking to you.

I never thought that...


End -
Only Someone like you...
Could break my wall,
Give me hope.
Could change my heart,
Give me Joy.
Could be my friend,
When I thought my life needed to end,
Oh... Only Someone Like You...
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