Starsailor — Some Of Us lyrics

Heard you today.
That isn't my name.
You were fast asleep.
Forget what he did.
Can I be the kid,
For your soul to keep?

Some of us laugh.
Some of us cry.
Some of us smoke.
Some of us lie.
But it's all just the way,
That we cope with our lives.

I've grown to see,
The philosophy,
Of my own mistrust.
We all have our faults.
Mine come in waves,
That you turn to rust.


I've been hangin'
Onto somethin'.
You keep laughin',
Awe inspirin'.

[Chorus: x2]

My wandering soul
Found solace at last I wanted to know
How long it would last I'm losing control
Coming down fast
This heart that I stole I'll never give it back
I'll never give it back
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