Stavesacre — Why Good People Suffer lyrics

I tell you what i want to

Never more than what is safe

I show you what i want to

And the rest i hide away
Towards the basest of things
Sometimes i can feel myself leaning

Am i just a liar? or a killer? or a beast?

Should i sit in judgement?

Do i have to judge me?

I couldn't tell you why good people suffer

I couldn't tell you why the bad ones run free

God showers blessings
On the righteous and the wicked

I only know that that covers me

Do i feel like screaming

When the weak fall to the strong?

Would i trade my freedom for a cheap thrill?

Right for wrong?
And if i could just rid the world of all the evil within

Would that include me?

I guess that would depend

Who am i?
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