Stefan Andersson — If I Could Be The Sun lyrics

Sometimes love's a game of hide and seek
So full of secret dreams and things we dare not speak
When two hearts come close enough to touch
Fear may tell us not to give too much

But I'd rather knock down doors and break through walls for you
I'd rather take the floor and start the dance
I'd rather fly the highest sky and fall for you
Than lose you 'cause I didn't take the chance

And oh if I could be the sun
I would always be the one
Bringing you love's precious light of day
And yes, if I could be the sun
You'd know when every day is done
I'd bring to you the moon to light your way
In love's sky your world would turn
In your eyes my love would burn
This is a blessing from above
Or maybe it's just a mad mans love

In the night I lie and watch you sleep
Will I know how to hold a love so true and deep
Will the time we have together be
More than seconds in eternity

I'd rather be a leaf upon the wind with you
I'd rather be the ground under your feet
I'd rather be the air you breathe and lost in you
Than live without the sound of your heartbeat

And oh if I could be the sun...

There's nowhere I would rather be than here with you
There's nowhere I would rather lay my head
If love is a journey this one thing is true
If your heart will lead me I'll be led

And oh if I could be the sun...
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