Stephen Lynch — Country Love Song lyrics

I made love to ya all night long

Then i got up to write you a song

I watched ya sleep and i fell in love

Ya must've been sent from heaven above

Don't think you could never do no wrong

Then you farted....

Oh girl you farted..

First i thought that it was kinda cute

I surpresed a smile when i heard your girly poot

Then came the smell came whoftin by

And brought a little tear drop to my eye

I think that i'll go sleep out on the couch

Cause you farted...

You could make milk curdle

Make your skin crawl

Make the paint peal off of the wall

I won't sleep under the covers no more

Since the hot winds blew from out your back door

Baby, it sure has been a gas

But i can't live life in fear of your ass

So i gathered up my clothes and old dog bill

Moved back to my house at the top of the hill

Well old boy I guess it's just you and me

Then he farted.....
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