Steve Forbert — Grand Central Station March 18, 1977 lyrics

{t:Grand Central Station, March 18, 1977}
{st:Steve Forbert}
# Transcribed by Joe Hartley
{c:Capo up 2}
{c:Intro riff 2x}

E ---00-----0---00---00---00---00---00---00--
B ---11-----1---11---11---11---11---11---11--
G ---00-----0---00---00---00---00---00---00--
D ------0h2---3----2---------0---------0-----
A -3--------------------2---------3----------
E -------------------------------------------

[Dm]Gra[F]nd Central [C]Station [Dm]whe[F]els and it [C]deals, [Dm]the [F]crowds rush and sc[C]rambl[A7]e,
[D7]Round past the newsstands and [G]out across the floors

And [Dm]I [F]did some [C]singing, [Dm]and I [F]played [C]guitar, [Dm]do[F]wn near a [C]doorwa[A7]y,
[D7]howling out words and [G]banging out chords.

Well, [C]think what you will, [Em]laugh if you like, it [Am]don't make no [Em]difference to [F]me.
[C]I'll open my case, [Em]and I might catch a coin, but [F]all ears may [G]listen for [C]free
{c:Intro riff}

[Dm]Bi[F]g clocks were [C]tickin', [Dm]tra[F]ins came and [C]went, [Dm]sa[F]d, ragged [C]figur[A7]es
[D7]limped in the hallways and [G]dug through the trash

While [Dm]ol[F]d folks and [C]young folks, [Dm]passed [F]in a [C]flood, [Dm]on[F] dashing [C]somewhe[A7]re,
[D7]wrapped in their lives and [G]gone in a flash


{c:Bridge/Harp solo - 2x}
|G | |F |C |G | | | |

Well, a [Dm]man[F] came a [C]talkin', [Dm]he st[F]opped where I [C]stood. He w[Dm]arn[F]ed me so [C]gravel[A7]y,
'The [D7]cops here'll nab ya, boy and they'll [G]take ya right on down,' yes, but

[Dm]I [F]took my [C]chances, and [Dm]luc[F]k saw me [C]through, [Dm]I s[F]tayed until I'd [C]finish[A7]ed,
[D7]Played what I pleased and [G]poured out my sound

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Songwriters: STEVE FORBERT
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