Steve Green — Praise You, I Will Praise You! lyrics

Words by Gloria Gaither/Music by Michael W. Smith
Psalm 19
If the sky and galaxies declare Your holy name
If all creation finds the words Your power to proclaim
Then how can I articulate with words and with my days
Your glory and Your majesty and live a life of praise
And live a life of...
Praise You, oh Lord I will praise You!
My voice will join the chorus
That all creation sings
Praise You, oh Lord I will praise You!
My Master, my Redeemer, my Savior and King
If the stars can find a way to tell the story of their King
And if the very firmament can find a way to sing
How can I keep silent then and not burst into song
In praise of my Redeemer who has loved me all along
Then Lord I've got to...
Repeat Chorus
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