Steve Harley — Don't Go, Don't Cry lyrics

I was a drifter in a rock 'n' roll safari
Took a fancy to an ape in malawi
Who kissed my head and my eyes went all starry
And so I ran and was screaming "where the hell are we ? "

He begged: "don't go, don't cry !"

There was a tiger I fought for the glory
The bloody battle was fierce and was gawry
Was like a scene from a kipling story
He sucked my blood like he's eating tandoori

He yelled: "don't go, don't cry !"

I took a plane and was greeted in england
By many people and my spine started tingling
They stole my time and they all started mingling
I ran so hard that my feet started stinging

They screamed: "don't go, don't cry !"
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Songwriters: STEVE HARLEY
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