He looks a lot like blondie bumstead
When he lies in bed
He cries a lot like shirley temple
When he's lost in his head
He sings a lot like greta garbo
When he's drunk instead
He died a lot like marilyn monroe
When he ate those reds.

He's giving it all to her
He asks for nothing back
He died for the love of her
And many people think that's sad.

Lovers are crazy
E I'm tellin' you
Lovers are crazy
Say I'm your baby
E I'm beggin' you
Say I'm your baby
You can't say maybe
E or I'm leavin' you
You can't say maybe
Are we just crazy
E am I hurtin' you?
Are we just crazy

She looks a lot like john belushi
When she needs a fix
She cries a lot like ronald regan
Whe she gets a zit
She sings a lot like elvis presley
When she gets the clap
She died a lot like jimi hendrix
And that's too bad.

She's tryin to love him back
But it doesn't seem to work
She's striving to make it last
But it's tearing up her heart and soul.


Sometimes you
Feel like you're alone
Maybe you better feel again
Don't get so strung out
You're not even near the end.

They look a lot like astaire and rogers
When they dance a lot
They cry a lot like tony and maria
When they're out of luck
They sing a lot like martin and lewis
When they run amok
They died a lot like no one I know
When their love dried up.

No one can fantasize
What life without love's like
You can just pantomime
Someone else's silent night,

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