Steve Vai — Wipe Out 2000 lyrics


Well…welcome to the wipe-out session….uhhh
If u like to get down on that boogie board, uhhh
If u like to get down on that snowboard, uhh
Then get down with us….one time… hit me!

Stayin there only when the weathers r good
Going to the beach takin to the waves like u no I should
Can I really get busy, cmon, who’d lose?
Check out the body by my side n get radical dude
Some awesome tunes n some awesome waves
N definitely cool tans n some awesome babes
Uh huh that’s what I said when the fire, I know, goes straight into my head
Go crazy n lose control like u in some jello with some beach blanket bingo
Thought that there was this rappin man
Think about it n u won’t eat saaand!!!

On my pantssss
Here I come, here I come, watch it, watch it now….

What's to say here were tryin to make it home now
Hangin 11 n u don’t know what to do now
When I lose cool point at all the hunnies on the beach
And smile got me yourself a study of feet
Grab up to ur board, lean left n right,
Holding it tight, till u pry in the light
Now what happens next is amazing to me
Fly through the barrel come out a winded knee
When you review u scream cheat
From the side that total mountain that brings mountain high
Sun beatin on ur back dry n your mouth
N u just saved yourself a WHIIIIPE OUT!

…Guitar solo…

Slow it down slow it down…ok hit me hit me
Ahh here it comes here it comes

Weeapadidling a dingalingalingalinga!
Ahhh, give it up! give it up! GIVE IT UP! GIVE IT UP
Ow. (guitar) Ow. (guitar)

Look, a money money house
Lets go to the money money house
Wipe out!
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