See you were crying
See you were crying
Mine is what you are
Mine is what you are
Mine -- You are mine
And I see you wait, see you wait
In the sky

I purge you now
Cos I got hope inside me
Come back to me now
It's after hours
Cos I'm nowhere now
Without you here
Cold wind will come
I purge you
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Storm Corrosion - Ljudet Innan letras

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Ver que estaban llorando
Ver que estaban llorando
El mío es lo que eres
El mío es lo que eres
Mina--Eres mío
Y te veo esperar, ver esperar
En el cielo

Yo te purga ahora
Co tengo esperanza dentro de mí
Ahora come back to me
Es después de horas
Cos ahora estoy en ninguna parte
Sin ti aquí
Viento frío vendrá
Yo te purga
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