Straight Outta Junior High — Choader Boy lyrics

Let's go!
So you found someone new,
Someone who doesn't eat glue.
He's got a snake in his pants,
And does that dumb dry-hump dance.
He's got a really nice car,
And spends his life at the bar.
He's got a Chi Phi tattoo,
So tell me, what's wrong with you?
You say that he's a smart guy,
But he can't even read.
You say that he likes music,
But he listens to Creed.
To tell me what's wrong with you,
I'll tell you what's wrong with me too.
I'll tell you everything about me.
I can see right through you,
I can see right through your new boy too,
You know that you can't live without me.
There's someone new in your life,
But I don't think that he's bright.
He thinks the sasquatch exists,
One time he drank his own piss.
So you can say your happy now
That you've gone and dumped me,
I think I'll sorely be missed,
He looks like a date rapist.
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