Strongarm — These Times That Try Men's Souls lyrics

This this is all that i believe to bear witness to my calling my life escapes me my days they shorten these final breath to testify to face these years is adversity in itself calm passed long ago to reveal reveal times foretold before is the open book another page pieces fall in place take heed to discern the times of the signs these times that try men's souls whereby we know this life is like a shadow and death assuredly shall come down to greet the soul the years they've coursed the storm that's been uprising since the days of old building and now approaching he sees not his shadow who faces the sun for his eyes melt as wax the price paid for living in light is that of gold in the crucible ever melting straining striving to be made pure purity escapes me remembrance breaks me down though my knees become weak i will cause my foot another step to carry the task bleeds my hands but they are kept remembrance breaks me down but i will strive until it is the last time

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