Suffocation — Marital Decimation lyrics

I sit as tomorrow I die and today I will unburden my soul. These =events have tortured me, and destroyed me. I can still hear her =faint screams engulfed in the atmosphere around me. The stench of =ammonia still encircles the room where her disemboweled corpse lies. =One night returning home, much intoxicated, I fancied my wife to =avoid me.I seized her with the fury of a demon instantaneously possessed. I =knew myself no longer. My very soul, at once to leave my body =and a more fiendish malevolence, gin - nurtured, thrilled every =fibre of my frame.At an instant, I grabbed the knife from the kitchen and left an =incision from ear to ear. In turn, her limp weak corpse fell =instantaneously. I, in return having received much pleasure from the =initial blow, had begun to cut into her abdomen. Once inside, I =began exploring the regions of her innards. The warm blood still =running, the warm blood still running down my hands is cold and =damp.I began to remove her intestines, stopping to take a little nibble =or tow. Her uterus seems to mesmerize me as I bury my head into it =and lose myself into a world of the subconscious. For now I know the =many pleasures of my wife, and I will soon be joining her. (Solo: =Hobbs)
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