Suidakra — Darkane Times lyrics

[Music by Arkadius, Marcel, Lars & Lyric by Marcel]

Now the seal is broken
Which captured all misery
While dark hands of fate
Fulfilled the augury

The script of this tragedy
Now lies in my hands
I read the lines, realize the signs
How the story ends

The High King is dead
Struck by his vision
Greater than men
It`ll spread out through time... an eternal rhyme
- sic transit gloria mundi -

A challenge between darkness and light
Medraut and his clansmen of terror
A discordant soul burnt the seed
With voices of blight

Take my hand I`ll be your guide
On the battlefield of wrath
Read my mind I´ll show you the light
Birth of a vision sealed by your death

I am Taliesin
With swordlike words
The rhyme for reason
And truth against the world

[Solo: Arkadius]

I am Merlin
A fiction
With chanting spells
A herold of fate

I am Myrddin
The link to reality
A sage, a wizard
An everlasting mystery

A threefold existence in a darkane time
I am now and forever
A futile persistance between me and life
Lasting since auld lang syne...
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