Supared — Overrated lyrics


Everybody waits for the prove
I'm still rather following you
I think it's alright
To chose the gold instead of the gleam
Things we love doing
Quickly turn into pain
And there is no one else
But ourselves to blame
I guess it's alright
If in the end we're free and steam

It's overrated
And I won't fake it
I'm devastated
If I won't maintain me

He was waiting for is moment to shine
The wimp was sure
He could trick into my mind
I think he did alright
To get his end kicked sky-high
Still I forget what it's all about
As if I rather breathe in weakness and doubt
Don't say it's alright
To sell yourself for a fast trip high


And our world of fear and need
And our heads and souls to feed
On the empty side of life
In your brain it lives and lies

[Refrain: (2x)]
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