Suzy Bogguss — Cross My Broken Heart lyrics

Cross My Broken Heart – Suzy Bogguss

Maybe it's true we're not together
But when I close my eyes,
You're still here.
The sweet taste of love can last forever.
Sometimes it makes me cry,
But I still find a smile for every tear.

Maybe I am blue,
Maybe I'm crazy too,
But I'll always love you . . .
Cross my broken heart.

When I hear your name in conversation,
I melt into a dream.
I can't forget.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.
It hurts me now and then
But I'd do it all again,
With no regrets.


I could say love wasn't worth all the tears that it took,
But I wouldn't lie to you now, you know I never could.

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