Swan Silvertones — What Do You Know About Jesus? lyrics

Oh, what do you know? I wanna know can you tell me
What do you know? Just wanna know that His love
Let me tell you about my God, yes He is
Holy Bible says that He's a friend, I believe child
What do you know about my Savior and His love? Yes

Do you know when I met my Savior, you know I met God with a smile
He fold me up to His bosom and He owned me as a child
To my feet out that [Incomprehensible]
Woah, He placed it on the rough and God is gonna stay
What do you know, hey, about my Savior and His love?

Oh, what do you know? What do you know child?
What do you know and His love?
Woah, I know He, He's a heart, He's a friend child, woah
What do you know about Jesus and His love?

Well, you know [Incomprehensible] when I come to Jordan
God knows I won't have no fear
No God, take my little burden
I feel it coming up

Woah, by my Saviors side, somewhere on the other side
What do you know about Jesus? Well
What do you know, tell me what you know?
Woah, what do you child, yes [Incomprehensible] and His love?

Well, well, well, well, when I feel, feel, feel
He's a friend, friend
Well, what do you know good God almighty, might?
And His love
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