Swingin Utters — Mr. Norris lyrics

If I asked you where to go from here would you give me the right direction does it come to mind any paradise lost that I can win with true conviction, or am I wandering to a vacant space where there's no air to breathe nor any place are you the man I'm looking for, or are you like the rest, do you care of anything ahead or second best? This is the chorus Mr. Norris and my motives are all too clear. This is the saddest song I'm singing all out of tune 'cause I can't hear. Give me time, an eternity, maybe when I die I can make it right ease my mind and sow me seeds that I can grow into a worthy life. There's something so peculiar about the way you shine your eyes are you attempting to catch my deference or just measuring up my size. This is the chorus Mr. Norris and I'm boring you to tears. This is the saddest song I'm singing 'cause I haven't sung this for years. I've counted precious minutes on my ugly callous fingers waiting for you good Mr. Norris to set the place where I should linger. I got nothing to be proud and I got nothing to show off I got a soul inside somewhere unless it's gone and lept off. (Koski/Dison)
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