Swizz Beatz — It's Me Snitches lyrics

It's me snitches...
Chillin In My Beamer, Listen To Ether
Bumpin Through Ya Speakers, Know I Got The Heaters
Rockin don't Stop, I Get The Rockin don't Stop
I'm Bangin Em Beats, You Know I Like That Hip Hop, Stop

U know who it is... It's me snitches!
Smoke good eat good, drink good, f*** Good
Come into the club stuntin like-ike you should
My shit on fire i don't need no gasolina
Im comin through ya block with the deuce 2 Seater
Ring the alarm alarm man, call me the sand man
When I drop beats, Im the one man, band man
Cash rules everything around me cream
Get the money, dolla dolla bills ya'll (F*** EM)
u know who it is... it's me snitches
Vida loco, flyin through popo
See me in that 4 door, that Bentley Espoka
Benz all lethal, my rims so lethal
U front, ima ima shoot that ass like a free throw
Sniffin that yayo, tryna be sosa
Tryna act tough when that's some black chocha
I aint gotta shoot ya, i could just choke ya
You tryna make dolla i could just show ya
you know who it is... it's me snitches!
Chillin in my beamer, listen to ether
Bumpin through ya speakers, know i got the Heaters
Rockin don't stop, I get the rockin don't stop
Im Bangin Em Beats, you know I like that hip hop, stop

you know who it is... it's me snitches
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