Swizz Beatz — Its Me Snitches (remix) lyrics

(Feat. Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly & Jadakiss)Haters on D, I'm 'bout to take these fools Everytime I shoot a shot it's like (Swizz) Everytime I shoot a shot it's like (Swizz) Everytime I shoot a shot it's like (Swizz) I'm in the buildin' and I'm lookin' for a (snitch) Walk out the studio and man that's a (hit) Back in the studio and do the (remix) I'm in the Mark-5 with a bad (chick) Hop out fly, paparazzi goin' (flick)[Swizz:]Hold up! Wait a minute!Hold up! Wait a minute!Chillin' in the bizzerWith my mama MiaShe smokin' on a CaribbaWith my son seataFor those that don't know that's a yacht on the deckWhatchu think about the carz what you got up on ya neckI show you my 'profolio' straight disrespectThem rims burns spot askin' you plan to write a check (NO!) You betta think about it yeah you betta think about itYou betta hit the damn drunk yeah get a drink about itI'm straight loco don't care 'bout no popoOnly big weight what you think I roll wit Joe forWanna joke crazy go meet my fo foRa ra ra ra...There go that popoJ-jam in that EnzoJ-jam in that SpikaJ-jam in that G-thoughBet you can't catch me thoughDouble Z's on that whip,Put them prees on her lip,Took 'em to the mineAnd th-threw a D on that bitchFreeze...........You kno who it is,It's me bitches![Jadakiss:]Takin' ova The waitins is ova We bringing it back like baking soda I don't stop squeezing 'til ya face is ova I'll be on vacation 'til the case is ova Bottles everywhere Club full of women Gucci sneaksA good cuff on a denimA few birds to look out the free peachesYou cock suckers know who it is, it's me bitches!
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