Syd Barrett — No Man's Land lyrics

You would hold your head up high
You even try
You would hold another hand:
Oh understand!
They even see me under call
We under all,
We awful, awful, crawl
To hear my hour
Come see me cry...

Just searching you even try
I can make you smile
If it's there will you go there too?
When I live I die!
They even see me under call
We under all, we awful, awful, crawl
Because of you, to see me be.

(last verse mostly garbled....but you can pick out Tell me, Tell
Me, Tell me Yippee and also: Heavily Spaced. According to
Legend, this verse was originally meant to be understood, but
When they f**ked it up in the studio, Syd liked it and kept it
That way...) - Psycho
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Songwriters: SYD BARRETT
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