Tank — I Don't Wanna Be Lovin' You lyrics

Hey you what's up
I've been peepin' your style
Since we've been kicking it for a while
Seems if as you You don't trip no more
Like you could do without
So what are you still here for
I don't wanna be lovin you
If you don't wanna be lovin me
I don't wanna be feelin you
If you aint really feelin me
No Hi No Bye
You come and go as you please
No kiss No smile
I don't deserve these things
I don't have no time to waste
Cause on the really real
You can be replaced
Oh I just wanna know why
What's going on
Don't get stuck her all alone
What you gonna do
Cause I can find something better to do
Cause I Don't wanna be
Repeat chorus
Until fade
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