Taxiride — This Time lyrics

I've lived within without you now
I guess this shows, to you
Climb upstream you lost your float
The water stained, your shoes
Easy come now easy go
I'll give it up for you
Makes no difference where we go
Before we drift away
This time
Take a look around
At where the river breaks
This time
Paddle harder paddle slow
This flag at sea, deceives me
Lost control I had to throw
My pick-up line, to you
Nothing more and nothing less
I'll leave it up to you
Make the call and make it fast
Before we drift away
This time
Take a look around at where we separate
This time
You hit the bottom of the ocean
You will see me on the ceiling
I'm not the same inside
Don't go down too long
Might forget to take a breath
And loose this feeling
So what you got to hide?
After the rain, has washed this away
The winds picking up
We're caught on this wave
Gold communication slows
As the mist collects, before you
I know it's really hurting you but
This time
Make the call
And make it any way you want it to
This time
Hold you close untill the sunlight slips away
This time
I've lived within without you now
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Songwriters: Watson, Paul / Boniface, Bruce / Smith, Luke
This Time lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC