Team Dresch — Yes I Am Too, But Who Am I Really? lyrics

Don't tell us we only care about the dykes and fags, Don't try and find fake
Reasons to hate us Some people get it, lots more people need it Freedom is
Freedom, it's for all or it's all for nothing it's been hours it's on strike I'll turn it
Around I'm a contradiction I don't want to be a man you can be what you want
With me What you want it what I want you to tell me to boss you around I want to
Watch you lose control sometimes I'm the Fonz mostly I'm a puppy you're s***
Boss me around please I want you to You can be what you want with me What
You want is what I want you to tell me to boss you around sitting in the back of
The not room enough for me to turn around and get the fuck away from their
Stupid interrogations it's been hours or 5 years no reunion that implies a thing that
Never existed something that never existed hey you're s*** come here and boss
Me around chain me to the bed now unchain me from the bed it's what we
Choose to say, and how certain things are said And what we choose to say, and
How certain things are said
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