Teen Idols — Nothing To Prove lyrics

I think it's kind of funny
How your mind starts running
When you hear of a chance
To take advantage of a situation
Without taking a glance

I know it's exciting when there's
Someone new to impress
Just be careful or you're gonna
Find yourself in a mess

Yesterday it seemed OK
Having fun just to sing and play
But people always change
When they wanna play the game
But there's something
They've gotta prove
Climbing up the ladder
And it really doesn't matter
If their friends are getting abused

Time and again
You forgot your friends
Who never left your side
Every now and then
You wanna let 'em back in
Even though you lied

I know it's inviting
Purely bad timing
For them to forgive
Now you've made your bed
Knowing what you've said and
How can you even live

You've got nothing to prove
You've got nothing to lose except yourself
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